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Updated Tekagis Privacy Policy

Posted by Fenris_Wolf - Sat May 26th 1:39am (+00:00 UTC) Image
(credits goto Forum Link

Project Zomboid

Posted by Fenris_Wolf - Sat Jul 29th 4:40pm (+00:00 UTC) This isn't Freelancer related, but we now run a public Project Zomboid server as well. For those of you that play, feel free to get infected with us. This server can be found on the public list under the name 'Tekagis Treasure' ofc... what else would we call it! ;)

Server version and mod details are here Forum Link

TekagisUpdater Has Finally Been Updated!

Posted by Fenris_Wolf - Wed Feb 1st 4:13pm (+00:00 UTC) After FAR too long, The Updater has finally been updated. The new version includes a basic GUI with a progress bar, shows when the last time you updated was, a tooltip showing the server status and current player count, and is smaller, faster and smarter.
Please visit the forum thread to see what all has changed and basic usage instructions.
You can get a copy of the new version from here Forum Link

PyFL now on github!

Posted by Fenris_Wolf - Sat Dec 31st 2:33am (+00:00 UTC) While not specifically Tekagi's news, its worth posting about....

PyFL is now hosted on github!

For those of you who don't know, PyFL is a API for manipulating Freelancer's data files with the python programming language. Its what we use for creating all our custom modding tools and scripts, as well as provides the backend for TekagisBot and things like our in game /garage command.

If you're into modding and familiar with python, its worth checking out. The amount of time and effort its saved us preparing for the v5.49-v5.50 transition is mind blowing. Forum Link

Texture Upgrades

Posted by Fenris_Wolf - Thu Dec 1st 8:25pm (+00:00 UTC) I've uploaded some texture changes to mod files, hi res starspheres (by Hunor), hi res solar textures (by Hrimthur), and new interface textures (by us). I've also finally added widescreen support (adoxa's hudshift).

WARNING: This update will be quite large when using the TekagisUpdater (it was actually designed for small patches not large), so instead of using the update server for this, you may want to re-download the base mod files from here.

You'll save a lot of time and bandwidth that way. Forum Link

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