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Administrator, Developer

Timezone: P.S.T. (UTC -08:00)

Quote: 'If you were born in the medieval age you would have burnt as a witch.' - Ringy

Server Role:

Mad Scientist: I build and maintain the majority of software and tools we use: our custom FLHook version and its python interface, the tools we use to modify the game files, and tools we use to keep the servers running smoothly. Head Modder: My main role is preparing Tekagi's Treasure for its next version, the rebalancing, overall planning and implementation of features.

About Me:

History: Joined Tekagi's early 2007 with Ellis, played as a killer with the APOC faction, joined the admin team around 2008 with the unique position of being both admin and clan member. My job was to write tools to simplify the modding process, as well as error checking.

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