About Us

Tekagi's Treasure started life in the early 2000's as a server and mod for the game Freelancer, and was originally called "Bobway's Tekagis", as Bobway was the main modder for the server. Mid 2000's (2004-2005) the community, server and mod passed ownership to Unicornz and Ringy and was rebranded "Tekagi's Treasure". During this time much love and effort was put into the mod and community, and both grew substantially. On the morning of November 30th, 2008 our community leader and head modder Unicornz passed away and the leadership passed hands to Ragman and Cursor. 2012 The server was eventually shutdown. Early 2015 after much persistence by DrEllis and Zero_Order, the old server files and community passed hands once again and one of the old admins, Fenris_Wolf was woken up from hibernation. To this day we still maintain the Freelancer mod and server. It is our memorial to Unicornz, who is emblazened in our logo. We also run servers and create mods for several games (like Project Zomboid), as well as run radio shows, create software, and engage in countless other random projects.