Zomboid Version and Mods Required

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Zomboid Version and Mods Required

Post by Fenris_Wolf » Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:31 pm

NOTE: Server is currently offline until we have time to update it.

Current Server version is: 38.28 (GOG)
Current mods used on our Zomboid Server are:
ORGM v2.00 Rechambered (ORMntMan's Real Gun Mod)
Hydrocraft v9.6
NecroForge 2.6c

Please note the necroforge zip contains 2 separate mods, the main mod and a compatibility patch. Both of these folders should go in your Zomboid\mods directory.

This list is subject to change, and these mods will be updated from time to time. This post will be updated when any changes happen.

Official Forum Links for The Mods at theindiestone.com
ORGM Rechambered (by ORMntMan, Fenris_Wolf)
Hydrocraft (by Hydromancerx)
Necroforge (by Svarog)

Hydrocraft wiki

Mods updated on server: TBD

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