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Post by Fenris_Wolf » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:11 am

Q: Why is the download a .7z not .flmod file?
FLMM is no long the recommended install method (see next Q), thus all downloads are in 7zip format to avoid confusion.

Q: So which version of FLMM is supported?
None. As of v5.49 FLMM is no longer officially supported. Tekagi's Treasure makes use of a automatic updates program that downloads new files directly into your freelancer directory. This will conflict with FLMM's ability to properly deactivate the mod.

Q: But I play on multiple mods so want to use FLMM anyways.
That's not a question, but I'll answer it anyways. IMO a better method then FLMM is after installing a clean vanilla freelancer, copy and paste the whole freelancer folder so you have 2 installed copies. Always keep one vanilla folder, so when you want to install a mod like Tekagis you have a fresh vanilla install you can just copy. In the end you'll have a vanilla install, and separate installs for each mod you play. It saves A LOT of time not having to activate/deactivate mods with FLMM, and with todays hard drives the extra 1gb install isn't going to kill you. You'll also save tons of time not having to reinstall FL from disc when something goes wrong with a mod or FLMM ;)

Q: Then how can I open this .7z file?
You will need a archiving program capable of handling 7z files. 7zip, Winrar and Winzip are a few options. Don't forget to read the Install Instructions.

Q: What's this about a Automatic Updater?
Inside your Freelancer/EXE folder is a program called TekagisUpdater.exe. It is recommending you run this first before connecting to ensure you have the latest files (failure to do so can lead to crashes and other glitches). We suggest making a shortcut to this file and using it instead of the normal freelancer shortcut. It will automatically launch freelancer for you after checking for updates.

Q: Why does Tekagi's crash to desktop after the splash screen?
This is due to the files in your Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts directory, usually the Singleplayer\Restart.fl file. Simply delete this file and it should work.

Q: Help! The global server is down! How can I connect?
Freelancer supports manually specifying a server IP in command line (or by editing the shortcut), the TekagisUpdater can as well by editing the TekagisUpdater.conf file. Unfortunately our FL server has a dynamic IP address atm, so you'll have to ask the admins for help.

Q: I created a new character on the server but it won't let me buy anything! (level to low)
Pressing F1 and re-selecting your character should fix it.

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