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Installation Instructions

Post by Fenris_Wolf » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:13 am

1) IMPORTANT! Start with a clean vanilla install of Freelancer.

2) (optional) Copy/paste your clean install into a new folder (and keep the new folder clean!), this will save A LOT of time when using multiple mods, or when having to reinstall FL (you can skip the install, just delete the bad install folder and copy/paste your clean version again).

3) Download the latest version of the mod This link will always be kept up to date with the latest patches from the update server.

4) You need a archiving program capable of handling 7z files (*FLMM is no longer supported, see below)
Possible options include 7Zip, WinZip or WinRar
Odds are you already have one of these 3 installed.

5) Unzip the 7z file you downloaded in step 3 into your Freelancer folder.

6) Browse to your Freelancer\EXE folder, find the program 'TekagisUpdater.exe'

7) (optional) Right click on TekagisUpdater.exe, select 'Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)' This will save time later when running the updater.

8) Run the TekagisUpdater app, this will verify your files and download the latest changes from the server. Freelancer will automatically start when its finished.

9) Run the Updater at least once a day to ensure you have the latest files. This is best done whenever starting Freelancer, or at least once a day after the servers daily reboot (this is when any changes will be pushed to the update server).

*FLMM Support: as of version 5.49, FLMM is no longer supported. The dynamic daily updates to the files does not play well with FLMM, which is why we recommend having a fresh Freelancer install folder for use with Tekagi's Treasure. You can keep multiple copies of Freelancer installed on your machine, 1 for Tekagi's, 1 for using with FLMM and other mods, and a backup clean vanilla install in case you need a fresh copy.

If you need additional help installing, feel free to ask in the Support forums.

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