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Tekagi's Updater Download

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:21 am
by Fenris_Wolf
This is included in the mod download, but just in case you need a fresh copy you can grab one here

Remember these files go in your Freelancer/EXE folder

Re: Tekagi's Updater Download

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 3:07 am
by Fenris_Wolf
New Version Released! Grab a copy from the post above...
Heres a overview of whats changed:

The Updater now has a GUI instead of that boring console window. Notice the SystemTray icon as well...

Right clicking on the tray icon brings up the popup menu, where you can edit the settings (no more needing to edit the conf file). Double clicking on the icon will hide/show the main window..

A progress bar is shown when updating, and the label underneath shows what its doing, and when the last time you updated

Holding the mouse over the icon pops up the tooltip, showing current server online/offline status, and number of players in game (this is updated every few minutes)

The updater exe is smaller (approx 428kb) and faster (my laptop checks all 5698 mod files in 30 seconds), and finally capable of updating itself as well.

The options under the 'settings' menu are:

Set Freelancer Path - Opens a dialog to browse to your freelancer.exe so it knows where to update. If you stick the TekagisUpdater in the Freelaner\EXE folder, you don't need to set this.

Auto Update On Start - Starts checking for updates when TekagisUpdater is launched

Freelancer Start When Done - Launches Freelancer and hides the GUI window when the updates are finished

Freelancer Windowed Mode - Adds the -w argument when launching Freelancer

Overwrite Update Log - If unchecked, any files updated will be appended to the TekagisUpdater.log file

Send To Tray On Close - If checked, when closing the GUI window it hides it in the tray (double click the icon to bring it back). You will have to use the right click menu 'Exit' to actually exit the program