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Tekagi's Treasure

Tekagi's Treasure is a mod for the game Freelancer. It has a long history spanning over a dozen years and has passed through several hands over its existance, from Bobway to Unicornz and Ringy (and the rest of the team), to Cursor and Ragman, and now to us. TT is a online-only mod (no single player mode), as many of the mods features rely on server-side software (FLHook and other custom apps) providing a single player experience is not just possible. Our server is PvP/PvE and 'semi-serious' RP and has a large number of systems and bases to explore. We strive to keep rules simple and to the point. We maintain the old 5.49 branch of TT for old and new players to enjoy while we work on the upcoming 5.50 version.

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